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Welcome to the Lost Legion!

We are a fun-loving, laid-back guild who enjoy helping our members succeed in their goals. We're dedicated and understanding without being obsessive or lax.

If you feel like this describes your playstyle, we urge you to consider Lost Legion as your new guild home!

For any questions regarding events, please contact Willydemon. Direct any inquiries concerning applying to McGlashson.

May the Force be with you,
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vertrand, Jun 19, 12 11:22 AM.
Please view the forums for info on Lost Legion's recent restructuring!

Level 50's Abound!

vertrand, Feb 24, 12 12:47 PM.
Lost Legion has been seeing a great influx of level 50 characters. We have been able to run a number of Hard Mode Flashpoints with increasing ease.

Similarly, we have almost a full compliment of Crew Skills. This will allow us to gear any new level 50 characters with the gear necessary to run Hard Modes.

Keep working on hitting level 50, Legionnaires!
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